Advent Blessings


As Advent begins this week, we spent a piece of this past Sunday’s sermon time discussing some of the ways that we as families and households can enter into the alternative rhythm of Advent. Here’s a link to the podcast page:

We also handed out a family blessing card with blessings created for us to speak over our kids, grandkids, etc. during Advent. Below is a list of those blessings:

#1 – May you know that your Heavenly Father loves you.  May you be filled with God’s goodness and may your heart overflow with thanksgiving and gratitude.

#2- May you be filled with God’s love and His goodness all the days of your life.  May you walk in step with His Spirit and allow Him to guide you and every step you take.

#3- May you know the height and depth of God’s love for you in Christ Jesus.  May you be strong and courageous in all your decisions and know that He protects you and guides you.

#4- May you know you have been created by God and that He delights in you.  May you find your identity in Him alone and find your place in His story.

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